Customer Quote


"I would like to thank ArtworkservicesUSA for their expertise and creativity, our mobile site is cleverly designed and easy to use, It allows us to engage our distributors anytime, anywhere. Artworkservices always has innovative ideas for the online market. "
Kathy Bauer, Director E-Commerce, Royce Leather Gifts
"Come to AWS with ideas and they produce results! I am proud to have partnered with AWS on our past and present website design. From my rough concept to their stunning execution, it has been exciting to watch our recent website update unfold. Oh and did I mentioned cost-effectiveness. Wow."
Hans Kindsgrab, President | Zipline
"Thank you for your excellent work! I’ve waited over 3 years to finally have my logo digitized and I’m very, very pleased with the work you’ve done! I can’t wait to sew it on my favorite jacket!"
Brenda Wood, Panda Promo, Inc.
"Just started using your company - the service is great - your patience with the logo colors is amazing - thanks!"
Sheryl Ryan, Print All Promotions
"The Bottom line is this: since I’ve started using your service, I’ve found it to be (a) Better, (b) Faster, and (c) Cheaper than the competition. What more can I ask for?"
Mitch Guirdy, Dalton James And Company
"It amazes me, the work that you do. Very seldom do I have to send back art for the corrections. It is almost like you are here in my office and listening to me explain what I want done. I just want you to know that I appreciate what you do and the timely manner in which you do it, and now even cheaper prices!"
Cindy, Tee Pee Advertising Co.
"Powerweave has been the greatest tool I use. Everyone here is fast and efficient. And the quality outstanding. Thank you, Powerweave!"
Florence Dawson, Avalon Printing & Promotions
"Thanks so much, you guys are so easy to work with, even though you are thousands of miles away, I appreciate your help.We'll give you more work as we get on with the next project."
Joe Hillje, Alohaurns
"I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of my website and the customer service I received. They were able to meet all my needs and requests. The website looks and works great."
Josh Levy, Compass Promotions
"I must tell you that: (a) Your quality of work is wonderful, (b) You all are very talented. I appreciate that creativeness!"
Susan Baldwin, Cas, Aia Innovative Concepts